Cambodian Rocks

Close your eyes and enjoy a pleasing musical trip to South East Asia with this comp from the Parallel World Label. It’s great western inspired garage music with a touch of traditional Cambodian flair…


Here are some words on the album from the
WFMU site

In 1996, the Parallel World label released the LP “Cambodian Rocks”, a collection of Cambodian psych and garage music from the 60s and early 70s (probably), compiled by an American tourist named Paul Wheeler from some cassettes he bought in Phnom Penh. No information on the songs was provided at all, no artist names, no song titles, and no recording dates. Four years later, Parallel World reissued this compilation on CD with a few extra tracks, but still without any identifying information. Unfortunately, it is more than likely that many of the featured musicians, showing a definite Western influence in their music, were murdered by the Khmer Rouge regime which took over power in 1975. Before the Khmer Rogue, Cambodia was far ahead of most other Asian countries in Western influenced pop music and culture.

But during the Khmer Rogue regime, hundreds of thousands were slaughtered for even the mere ACCUSATION of having any Western influence WHATSOEVER (be it looks, possessions, music, anything at all.) Like the Jews of Hitler’s Germany, no words could possibly explain the hell they went through.

And considering every item, book, photo, record and tape from the West or had any real or percieved Western influence that the Khmer Rouge could find in Cambodia at that time was destroyed en masse, the very fact these tapes survived at all so we could hear them today is a miracle. Certainly none of them ever received any money from the sales of this compilation. However, the music is wonderful, and here it is for your enjoyment…..

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