Dirty Space Disco

For the past few years, new and old Cosmic-Balearic-Space Disco has been making a much deserved come up with artists like Lindstrom & Prins Thomas, and labels like Full Pupp, Bear Funk & Dirty Sound System to name a few. This particular compilation was put out by Dirty Sound System (Paris-based dance music hard liners), and contains a “healthy check-up” of this Cosmic Sound. Here’s an excerpt from the album notes:

1979: Disco used to be the epicenter of the most amazing New York nights which was quickly dying away, suffering from racist and homophobic flacks (like the well-known “Disco Sucks” campaign), and also from its commercial retraining. So, Europe grabbed the genre. Yes, Old Europe, and Italy in particular. And in the Eighties, Italy distinguished itself with Italo Disco, a prolific and quite slick genre that would later have a big influence on early Detroit techno producers. But the most emblematic post-disco sound emerged from someplace off the beaten track. That sound is Cosmic Disco, a style invented by a single pioneer DJ, Daniele Baldelli. History tells us that Baldelli began to play records when he was 16, in 1969, a time when DJ’s were not rockstars, a time when it was a disreputable profession…..later down the road in the early 80’s came a new development. Baldelli, as an experienced player, started to experiment and attempt the most unbelievable and daring mixes. The Cosmic style was born: a blend of percussion solos, samples from classic Operas, progressive German Rock, Disco classics, slow Dub pieces, New Wave hits played at 33 instead of 45, and early electronic works. Psychedelic, slow and majestic, futuristic and baroque, varying between 90 and 105 BPM when the usual tempo for dance music is 120, filled with special effects, reverbs and flangers, the fame of this Cosmic Sound soon spread…

1 John Forde – Atlantis
2 Roedelius – Regenmache
3 Clara Mondshine – Die Drachentrommier (Pilooski Edit)
4 Undisputed Truth – Undisputed (How & Why Editions Disco Edit)
5 Fern Kinney – Baby Let Me Kiss You
6 John Miles – Stranger In The City (Pilooski Edit)
7 Conrad Schnitzler – Auf Dem Schwarzen Kanal
8 Yellow Power – Hai Samurai
9 Tony Esposito – Processione Sul Mare
10 Odyssey – Who
11 Sylvester – I Need Somebody To Love Tonight
12 Risqué – Starlight
13 Starbow – Voyager II

Link: Dirty Space Disco

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  1. Sr Jet Pack says:

    egads! a dead link! any chance of a reup? i’ll be back, and thanks ahead!

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