Black Dice shares Eric’s Dice Mix Vol. XV

Happy Happy New Year everyone….time to get things underway for 2010, and the guest mixes are back. For the 4th installment we got a mix that was sent to us by Aaron from Black Dice, and it was compiled by fellow BD member Eric Copeland (who Aaron said is the go-to-guy for awesome mixes). This thing is all over the place, with no hint of musical prejudice anywhere and jams all along the way. This mix would be perfect for all kinds of situations, i personally feel that it’s perfect for those 40 oz. afternoons dancing on the balcony. Here’s what Aaron said:

Eric makes these mix Cds for us in the band– I call em Eric’s Dice Mix, and this is volume 15.
Unfortunately, no track names, so just enjoy the tunes and the mystery
Have a good one, hope to make it back West soon

Download it

Black Dice just wrapped up their great year of records and touring with a tour of Switzerland. I hope we get to see more Black Dice in 2010, seeing as how there last show in SF got shut down before them or Wolf Eyes played, cops are whack. Here is a vid of them playing in NYC in 2008….peep below:

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