Skulls Without Borders 10″

For all your fuzzed out psych rock/folk needs….here is the new comp from Philly-based label Siltbreeze. It’s short but extremely sweet. Looks like it’s all sold out on the label’s website, so we figure why not help out those who missed out. Tis the season…

Here’s what is says about the comp on the Siltbreeze website:
Super limited 10″ compilation highlighting some’ve the more potent Alkanes bonding the scene at the moment. On side Carbon, Chickins (2/3rds FNU Ronnies + bud) wriggle around like Geisterfaher corroding in cheese whiz, Dan Melchior fuzz- belts a wry ‘n savory take on ear benders & Puffy Areolas fuse Hawkwind & Tales Of Terror for a deathride down Hell’s highway. Side Hydrogen starts off w/Tommy Jay & Friends shakin smoke via some Harrisburg calypso, Sic Alps blindside a Kevin Ayers cover & Kurt Vile/Violators make like Neil Young/Crazy Horse off the beach & tucked into a cannabinoid submarine.

1. Chickins – Chickins Den
2. Dan Melchior – 1000 Times
3. Puffy Areolas – El Jita
4. Tommy Jay Band – Bug Men
5. Sic Alps – Clarence
6. Kurt Vile and the Violators – Denial

Link: Skulls Without Borders 10″

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