The Ronettes featuring Veronica

This is the perfect season for the Ronettes, it’s all about the doo wop, swing nostalgia of the mid 60’s. Poodle skirts, leather jackets, and diners; the good life. I used to date this girl that was all about Ms. Ronnie Spector and her cohorts, this album reminds me of her. This music is good for cold nights and hot toddies… I talk like I drink them often, I actually just had my first one a month ago. haha. But this album is full of cute female pop songs, ooohhhs, aaaahhhs, love, and weird screams n’ growls. Anyways, Ms. Ronnie Spector was pretty much held prisoner by her weirdo producer/husband Phil Spector. Poor girl. In her autobiography she said that Phil would force her to watch the film Citizen Kane over and over to remind her that she would be nothing without him. He reportedly kept Ronnie locked inside their mansion, with out shoes, and with the lights off so no one could see his BALD head. haha. Phil Spector is quite possibly the most out of his mind producer I’ve ever heard of.

Besides his weird antics he knew how to create amazing pop songs and get the best out of his artist….

here is the Ronnettes featuring Veronica

Here’s a video of one of their live preformances playin 2 of the hits… These are not on this album but enjoy..!

Peep the Video Collage section for a new video…yeeeeYEEEEEEE!

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