Fool’s Paradise Wk 27

Back again for Week 27 of Fool’s Paradise. This time Bobby Peru was off gaining knowledge of high end technology so he can help spread that knowledge to help make money for the youth of Oakland. So it was just me, Eloi, spinnin some tunes to warm that ass up on a damn cold day. Lots of 70’s space disco along with past/future classics of various genres (including a mini 90’s time warp). Special baked edibles were involved in the making of this show….so my voice kinda cuts ins and outs, but hey it happens. Nevertheless the mix was just right. See for yourself…

Click Here to download the show

here’s the Tracklist:

Near Tonight – R. Stevie Moore
intervales theme (FILL MUSIC) – Javelin
Just Blue – Space
Tour De France (Radio Version) – Kraftwerk
Pleasant Experience – Small Black
Walk In The Park – Beach House
Atelier (Titoli) (FILL MUSIC) – Carlo Rustichelli
B2 Baby Moon – Moon Birds
Cheerleader (Neon Indian ‘Studio 6669’ Remix) – Grizzly Bear
Weak For Me – Nite Jewel
Greek Ambassador – Geneva Jacuzzi
Copy Cat (FILL MUSIC) – Quincy Jones
Stick To My Side (Feat. Panda Bear) – Pantha du Prince
Performance – Tones Of Tail
Disco Rough – Mathematiques Modernes
Space Team (FILL MUSIC) – Bernard Fevre
Photoflex – Video Liszt
Dream Baby Dream (Long Version) – Suicide
This Is How We Walk On The Moon – Arthur Russell
Tea Time with Werner Herzog
Bob (FILL MUSIC) – Black Dice
I Can’t Wait – Nu Shooz
Tonite – DJ Quik
Ape Man (FILL MUSIC) – Augustus Pablo
All I Do Is Dream Of You – Patience & Prudence
Mon P’tit Homme Spatial – Christine Pilzer
Keep It Heavy – Creme Soda
Fooled Me – Sore Eros
Let’s See The Sun – The Fleshtones
Pop I (FILL MUSIC) – Gas
Quantic – Excerpt from Guacharacha Mix
Malin Kpon O – Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou
savana melody (FILL MUSIC) – Bernard Fevre
Cool In The Pool – Holger Czukay
honeycomb house part 1 – Lucky Dragons
Already Warm – The Mayfair Set
Slowboat – Sparks
Atelier (Ripresa) (FILL MUSIC) – Carlo Rustichelli
Bobcat Goldthwait and Brian Eno segment
Forest Children Risen – Animal Collective
Unforgettable Super Lady – Javelin
Jump – Kris Kross
Geto Boys – Glasscandy
Summer In The City (FILL MUSIC) – Quincy Jones
Short But Funky – Too Short (yup…..hella Oakland!)

Don’t forget the Egg Nog & Brandy…..

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