Holger Czukay

Aaahh….good ol’ Holger Czukay. Wonderful musician who is probably most well known as the bass player and founding member of Germany’s krautrock heroes Can. But some of his best work resides in his solo albums. He has released numerous solo albums since he left Can in the late 70’s, and two of my fav’s are Movies and On the Way to the Peak of Normal. The album Movies was released in 1979, while On the Way to the Peak of Normal is from 1981. Movies pretty much sounds like a kick ass Can record with Holger on vocal duties. Another cool thing about Movies is that Holger used short wave radio sounds and spliced magnetic tapes (early form of sampling), while the other album (On the Way..) is a more laid back but with beautifully warped melodies and crazy vocal effects. There is no shortage of amazing studio experiments on either of these records, which is no surprise since Holger Czukay was a student of electronic music pioneer Karlheinz Stockhausen. Come see about Holger…

Here they are:
Holger Czukay – Movies (1979)

Holger Czukay – On the Way to the Peak of Normal (1981)

And some vids for a sneak peek…
Ode to Perfume is on On the Way to the Peak of Normal

Oh Lord, Give Us More Money is on Movies

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