Seven Seals

On his Sophomore album James Pants went from upbeat booty shakers to a more darker, psychedelic sound. I can dig it. I listened to his first album way too much. That track crystal lite was on almost every mix cd I made in 2008. Not to mention, a track from him was on almost all of the first few editions of Fool’s Paradise. I’m a fan.

I saw you, definitely reminds me of some 80’s dark synth pop. The bass synth on this track is so thick and juicy. Shit is raw. Wash to Sea, is something you would hear playing at a smoke filled jazz lounge after hours. It has great melody’s, creepy sounding vocals, and hand claps. You can hate on a song that incorporates a little hand claps in it.

You will really enjoy these tracks and on December 8th you can enjoy the album. Just listen to the single Thin Moon

check it out….

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