Guest Mix 2: Toro Y Moi

So this is our second installment of guest mixes. This time it’s from Toro Y Moi’s Chaz B. This mix is pretty great he goes from shoegaze, to toe tapping disco-ish stuff, and eventually leaves you with your hands up in the air getting down to some house. It’s sweet, you know I always love a dance party.! Here’s what he had to say…

“I had fun making this list! There was a lot more that I wanted to put on… but this is great stuff too. I used to make these monthly compilations and put them in local record stores and people could pick them up for free. Since the genres are scattered I decided to put them in order chronologically. But for the songs that seemed out of place I placed it next to similar songs…That’s what I did for this Mix. It goes from jazz to house. Enjoy!” – Chaz B.

Bride of the Spirits 2:34 Twinsistermoon
8 Octobre 71 4:27 Cortex
To Here Knows When 5:49 My Bloody Valentine
Daffodils 2:50 Coma Cinema
The Show 3:21 Living Image
The Human Abstract 5:27 David Axelrod
Time For Us All To Love 4:34 Bullion
Theme From Teenage Suicide 2:23 My Teenage Stride
Suburban Dogs 4:37 Real Estate
Can’t Hear My Eyes 3:12 Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
Have a Heart 3:37 The Lines
Come Back Lover (Remix) 6:53 Fresh Band
Barcelona (Lifelike remix) 4:26 The Plastiscines
One Day (Surkin Remix) 4:36 The Juan Maclean
Neo Violence (Shazam Remix) 4:36 The Tough Alliance

Here is the NEW LINK

Thank’s Chaz for sharing a mix.! Btw I’m feeling this song, way too much. yee!

7 thoughts on “Guest Mix 2: Toro Y Moi

  1. john stamos says:

    link is broken

  2. john stamos says:

    that’s the same link

    john stamos

  3. thizzfacedisco says:

    So the new link is up. 3rd times a charm…

  4. john stamos says:

    might want to try something other than megaupload. mediafire is good.


  5. john stamos says:

    shazam! you rule


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