Bethany Cosentino shares how she starts her morning.!

So recently, I have been emailing and myspace/facebook messaging bands about doing mixes for us. It finally paid off with cuz Bethany Cosentino from Best Coast took time out of her busy schedule to share a mix she made with us. It’s awesome… but I will use her words for the description.

california is a little confusing sometimes. it’s december and it’s 70 degrees outside, but it’s like 40 degrees inside of my house. i basically have my space heater on 24/7. i’m not complaining. all i want in life all the time is warm weather– but waking up is hard to do when it’s cold! i made this playlist to listen to while getting dressed/waking up in the morning, and suddenly everything feels warmer.


1. “I Could be Happy”- Altered Images
2. “Second Hand News”- Fleetwood Mac
3. “Platypus”- The Clean
4. “Sister Golden Hair”- America
5. “All I do is Dream of You”- Patience & Prudence
6. “The Train From Kansas City”- The Shangri-Las
7. “Different Drum”- The Pastels
8. “Mind Games”- John Lennon
9. “Never Recover”- The Cardigans
10. “Cherry” – Jive Bombers
11. “From Your Boy”- The Queers
12. “Why Can’t He Be You”- Patsy Cline
13. “Thank You and Goodnight”- The Angels

Here is the LINK

Don’t you love the Oakland Raiders shirt? I do. Anyways, I really hope you enjoy this mix as much as I have. Btw, Best Coast is going to be touring with the Vivian Girls in February be sure to catch them in our area…

Feb 8th at the CREPE PLACE W/ VIVIAN GIRLS in SANTA CRUZ, California

17 thoughts on “Bethany Cosentino shares how she starts her morning.!

  1. Colin says:


    i’ve been waiting for best coast to play a show up here for change.

    can’t wait to see vivian girls again too.

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  3. alex says:

    link is down 😦

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  5. BestToast says:

    Any chance at another link? Would love to listen to this!

  6. BestToast says:

    Thanks for this!

  7. BestToast says:

    Thanks for this!!

  8. KC says:

    im unable to get hte links to work but i would be stoked to hear this!

  9. GG says:

    Ahh, none of the links work anymore and I’d rly love to hear this too!

  10. trl_path says:

    Any chance of a re-up of the file, I would love to check this mix out!

  11. trl_path says:

    Thanks so much for the fresh link, great mix!

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