Toro y Moi//Causers of This

Out of all the Chill Wave/Glo-fi bands this dude is by far my favorite, Chaz Bundick does his genre proper. I never thought I would hype anyone from South Carolina, but here I am…

Freak Love is heavily influenced by Flying Lotus, but with Chaz’s gentle floating vocals he makes the track uniquely his own. The track is perfect to put on your BART ride playlist, it will keep your head nodding to the beat all the way to Frisco. Causers of This is an amazing pop song. This tune is going to be on all of your mix cds for your latest crush. The tracks is extremely happy and upbeat, reminiscent of early 80’s pop music.

I believe the album is due out February 23rd pre order it here.

Click the link below to see his performance in SF. Damn you vimeo for not working proper with wordpress.!

Toro Y Moi – “Blessa” (live in San Francisco) from Jordan Bee on Vimeo.

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