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topss by Eloi

Yupyup, it’s my turn to turn myself into a stereotype and make a year-end list. Personally i feel that these lists are kinda ridiculous yet, somewhat essential. 2009 = Too Many Bands That Sound the Same + Too Few Great Movies. Don’t get me wrong there was definitely some wonderful jemz that will stand the test of time, so let’s get to it (while i wait for the this damn Lost Season 6 premiere).

Sound Releases::::::::::::

Matrix MetalsFlamingo Breeze
2009 was a huge year for cassettes. Lo-Fi was all the rage. Yeah it’s been done, but this year some bands killed it with their DIY recordings. And this here my friends, was one spectacular display of that lo-fi goodness. This is what they’ll be playing at the club in 2169……check it out HERE.

Matias AguayoAy Ay Ay
Kompakt is completely on the international label tip, since their roster pretty much spans the globe. 2 years ago they came with the one-two punch of The Field and Gui Boratto, and 2009 saw the arrival of Matias Aguayo to the Kompakt family. This album is like a carnival of irresistible fluid like melodies. Matias has made his own harmonious Wonderland. We posted a few months ago….get it HERE.

Black DiceRepo
Brooklyn’s three piece presented us this year with an album that showed them continuing their musical journey in new directions. Pretty much melted my ears upon first hearing it, causing it to stay in my constantly changing music rotation. This album reminds me of their crazy visual/extremely loud live show. Go see them any chance you get, they’ll take you places you’ve never been.

Tim HeckerAn Imaginary Country
Joyful noise/Ambient Doom maestro Tim Hecker returned this year with another album that will make ones senses all fuzzy-like. It wasn’t the hugest leap forward in his musical ability but it still continues to amaze my ears even after countless listens. I guess this was considered a “concept” album and each of the tracks is for a different region of Tim’s imaginary country. Nice.

Junior BoysBegone Dull Care
To be honest, I was not a huge fan of Junior Boys before I heard this album. But once the sounds of this album reached my ears I was hooked. Totally infectious electro pop songs. Cheesy yes, but in the most perfect way. This album barely made it on the list…..some days i feel that Sally Shapiro’s My Guilty Pleasure is better. Still, both are great.

It’s kinda hard for me to make a list of my favorite 2009 films since I haven’t seen a lot of the 2009 films. For instance if i had seen them, probably Broken Embraces, The White Ribbon, A Serious Man, and The Road might have been on this list. But anyhow, here it goes:

Thirst – takes a dump in Twilight’s mouth

Anti-Christ – Pretty much…..speachless

Gomorrah – new generation of mafia films has begun

The Limits of Control – Come on…Spain, Jim Jarmusch, and a bunch of good looking international superstars who rendevous with a hitman to exchange encrypted messages, who doesn’t want to watch that.

District 9 – Finally…Sci-Fi is back

And FINALLY……..some musical reminders of why 2009 was so great::::::::::::::::::

Disc One – LINK
here is the playlist:
Walkabout (feat. Noah Lennox) – Atlas Sound
Love Is a Wave – Crystal Stilts
Can’t Get Over You – Vivian Girls
MLKs – The Strange Boys
Big Wave Rider – Rainbow Bridge
Despicable Dogs – Small Black
Weak For Me – Nite Jewel
Greek Ambassador – Geneva Jacuzzi
Asleep At A Party – Memory Cassette
New Theory – Washed Out
Behind The Bank – Oneohtrix Point Never
Turned On – Ecstatic Sunshine
Mega Secrets – Family Portrait
In My Room – Best Coast
Don’t Mind – Spectrals
Old Folks – Real Estate
WARRIOR – The Bitters
Revamper – The Pheromoans
Hair – Ganglians
See Inside – Factums
Dream For Your Bathwater – Terror Bird
Memory Of Self – Dolphins Into The Future

Disc Two (Electronics) – LINK
here is the playlist:
Walter Neff – Matias Aguayo
Moonlight Dance – Sally Shapiro
Hazel – Junior Boys
Start Something – Morten Sorenson
Bail Me Out – Trus’me
Jeffer – Boys Noize
Feast Your Eyes – Afrobutt
Bursting The Bubble – Gatto Fritto
A New Bot – The Juan MacLean
Poison Lips – Vitalic
Fire Power (Original Mix) – Wolfgang Gartner
Narrier – Nathan Fake
00/346 & 00/380 (Dandy Jack & The Queen Of Mars Remix) – Conrad Schnitzler
Mouth [Brad Peep’s Remix For Friends] – Iz & Diz
Geode – Emeralds

Muy Bueno!

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topss by bobby peru

So it’s time for the all important list of top music releases and movies, that categorizes me into one stereotype or the other….I’ve been holding out on you. haha. It’s been a year of summer time anthems for music and end of the world themed flicks. Anyways, here are my pickz.


Various Artist– Ghana Special: Modern Highlife, Afro Sounds & Ghanaian Blues 1968-1981

This album has filled my world music fix for the past few months. Amazing grooves and vocal patterns make this album my top pick. This is the Label that released the Nigerian Disco Funk Special a couple years back, which is one of my favorites. I remember when liking world music was lame. haha.

Hudson Mohawke– Polyfolk Dance EP

This dudes beats will fade anyone.

Neon Indian– Psychic Chasms

The two hits on this album made the rest of the album tolerable, just check out Dead Beat Summer and Terminally Chill. I probably wouldn’t go to one of their shows but the music is fun and hazy at the same time, that’s always a good time.

Abe Vigoda– Reviver

I listened to this EP way too much in the beginning of the year, it’s great. Dark and morose but at the same time still up beat. They are self proclaimed tropical punk. I can dig it, can you?

Prefuse 73– Everything she touched turned Ampexian

I will pretty much side with Prefuse on any debate. Even though this isn’t a debate I am picking this album mostly because I want Prefuse to not sound like Prefuse any more. This album was an expected step for the journeyman beat smith. The only feeling this album gives me is… what’s next, dude?

Movin Pictures

When it comes to films I mostly stick to the ones that have the most explosions rather than most interesting camera angle, while I appreciate the art of film making I mostly like the movies that are meant to entertain rather than insight and enlighten me. I pretty much like movies that have a character who is a Badass. That’s right… a fucking BADASS. Here are my top 5 BADASS movies of the year two thousand and nine…!

Sin Nombre


Bad Lieutenant

Black Dynamite

Inglourious Basterds


I also included a playlist of some of my favorite beat oriented tracks from this past year. This goes out to all my low brow, scandalous, scummy, under paid, procrastinating brothers and sisters. Nod your head and blaze a Bleeeeeeeeee.!

2010 is for us to get our shit together. yeeYEE!
Happy New Year.


JUST JAMM IT 2:10 Breakfast Mountain
Beep 16 1:11 Koushik
Fire Wood Drumstix (feat. Doom) 1:31 J Dilla
Anything Worse 4:15 The Gaslamp Killer
Party 2:59 Powell Beatnicks Tape #02
Polkadot Blues 3:00 Hudson Mohawke
1685/Bach 2:48 Nosaj Thing
Freak Love 2:52 Toro Y Moi
Luck 2:14 Washed Out
S’Vive 4:06 Bibio
vibrationz 2:12 Javelin
Parachute Panador 1:04 Prefuse 73
Want You Back 4:10 Nite Jewel
Thin Moon 2:56 James Pants
My Step 3:27 Little Dragon
Bebey (DJ /rupture and Matt Shadetek Remix) 5:13 Gang Gang Dance
Antillas (Banana Clipz (Bersa Discos) Remix) 3:46 El Guincho
Love Cry (Joy Orbison Remix) 4:54 Four Tet
Stop Talking 7:05 Memory Tapes

Now that the electronic music is covered I felt one sided, so here is a collection of some other tunes I dug this year that didn’t categorize as beatz. It’s mostly indie rock tunes, an Animal Collective Remix, and a Re Issue of the song Tamale.

I call this play list… et al:

Mirando (Animal Collective remix) 9:57 Ratatat
Mickey Mouse 5:31 Wavves
House 4:07 Abe Vigoda
Dark House 3:53 The Mayfair Set
Die Tonight 2:18 Ty Segall Lemons
Angry Charlie 3:40 Generationals
Sparxxx 2:42 The Love Language
I Just Want To See You Underwater 4:47 Here We Go Magic
Trashy Boys 4:57 Tickley Feather
Tamale 3:11 Pagadeja
Remade Horizon 3:55 The Dirty Projectors
Suburban Dogs 4:36 Real Estate
Pleasant Experience 3:33 Small Black
Highway Ribbon 3:54 Brian Glaze
One track mind 2:03 Mayer Hawthorne

Eloi’s list will be up soon, son!

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Super Value – Super Manifesto Mix

New Years…..Disco…..I think so. Get them bum’s shakin at your 2010 Party with this Disco/Nu-Disco mixCD. Italian label, Super Value, put out this mix and shit’s pretty much on fire. Not much is known about Super Value label. Supposedly the name is based on the idea that “value embodies consciousness before price.” According to their myspace, Super Value is a project of two unknown DJ’s who do what they do to celebrate those men and women who were “prophets of timeless sound.” And for the past two years they have been releasing a series of limited 12″s that contain re-edits of classic disco-era gems. Then, Super Value re-edited, re-mixed, re-imagined, and produced one rad 79 minute mixCD. It has 14 tracks but there is no tracklist…..who cares, CokeFaceDisco


There was no vids for any of the tracks on the mix, but to get a feel for Super Value…listen below

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Molam: Thai Country Groove from Isan, Vol. 2

While looking for Singapore A go go I came across Molam. This time Mark Gergis chose country folk from a rural north eastern Thai provenance called Isan. This is hybrid music that blends the traditional folk instrumentation with electric guitar and Organs from the west that created something entirely new for the time. This is definitely an album to smoke and unwind to, let it take over. I am really excited to hear what Sublime Frequencies are going to release next.


1. Beua Ai Laeo Bo [Are You Tired of Me Already?] – Thongmark Leacha
2. Hak Beb Nang Thai [I Love Thai Films] – Palatnoi Songsim
3. Lam Thuy Sao Jao Na [Rice Farm Girl] – Soonton Chairoogruen
4. Instrumental Lam Sing – Peter Kalasin
5. Look Sua Saoban [Community People, Let’s Work Together] – Theppon Pedubon, Sodsri Promsakson
6. Nam Jai Fan [The Generosity of Our Fans] – Ka Kaw
7. Song Pee Nong Longkrong [Two Brothers Leave Town for Bangkok] – Doi Intanon And Group Suthep
8. Sorn Look Sao [Teaching the Daughter] – Thongmark Leacha
9. Soeng E-Mae Oi [Ladies, Let’s Dance!] – Pairin Pongpiboon
10. Lam Plern Chawiwan – Chawiwan Damnoen
11. Tai Salub Prama [Finishing My Business in Burma] – Aungkana Kunchai
12. Sao Ta Kom [Lady with the Big Eyes] – Chai Mungpon
13. Lam Tung Wai Sohngpon Tahan [Farewell Wish for a Soldier] – Monruedee Phromchak
14. Poo Ying Lai Jai [Now She Loves Every Man Except Me] – Thongmark Leacha
15. Plob Jai Nale-Nar [Finding Your Heart in the Future] – Chabapai Narmwei
16. Ha Fan [She’s Looking for a Boyfriend] – Junpen
17. Mob Natee Hai Luk Keuy [Give Responsibility to the Son-In-Law] – Soonton Chairoogruen,
18. Chun Cher [Convincing You to Believe] – P. Promdan
19. Raiteem Tarn [No One Can DeFeat] – Thong Thaithin Isan
20. Ja Leun Jai [Singing to Entertain the Ladies] – Pairin Pongpiboon


Here’s a cool flick I found about…

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Breakfast Mountain gives MONEY GRAMM$

Been diggin’ this dudes beats for a minute, I was excited to hear what inspires him. Oh yeah, I stand corrected when I said in an earlier post the breakfast mountain was a two piece, it’s a solo project that has a drummer for live shows. (my bad) Anyways, Zack came thru with some southern hip hop, radio jams, and a little bit of randomness with his playlist he made for us called Money Gramm$. Here are his words…

its basically a 2 1/2 hour playlist of everything ive been listening to for the last couple months. its weird. that shit and the radio. jammin 107.5. its our rap/rnb/space/the-future station. anyways: young money, travis porter, picture plane, salem and strawberry switchblade. the jammers! theres a couple easter eggs in the folder too. the secret jammers. get wet!


So if you are in the Portland Area tune in to Jammin’ 107.5 and get crunked out or wet. Either way enjoy!

here’s the play list….

Put It Down 5:02 The Dream
Temporary Infinity 3:09 Pictureplane
Raindrops 4:33 Jeremih
Bring It Back (Featuring Lil Wayne) 4:22 Birdman
Black Boy White Boy 4:17 Dj Teknikz & Travis Porter
Goth Star 3:19 Pictureplane
Ghost Dope 3:22 Juicy J
Nightclub 4:36 Birdman
Imma Star (Everywhere We Are) 4:21 Jeremih
Bed Rock 2:46 Drake & Lil’ Wayne
Time Teens 3:19 Pictureplane
Ma mere l’oye, suite – Le jardin féeriqué 4:20 Tomita
Dark Rift 5:15 Pictureplane Dark Rift
Ugh Ugh Ugh (feat. Webbie & Project Pat) 3:59 Juicy J
Sugar Hiccup 3:41 Cocteau Twins
Transparent Now (Thin Veil) 4:08 Pictureplane
Kellys 12 Play 4:18 The Dream
Stupid Adlibs 3:26 Dj Teknikz & Travis Porter
Breakfast Mountain Future gunnz MAY LING remix 5:04 May Ling
Lorelei 3:42 Cocteau Twins
Jeam instrumental 5:50 BREAKFAST MOUNTAIN
Love Partner Young Version 7:46 BREAKFAST MOUNTAIN
Round One (Gucci Mane) 5:10 SALEM
Since Yesterday 2:57 Strawberry Switchblade
The Turquoise Trail 2:02 Pictureplane
Let Her Go 2:47 Strawberry Switchblade
Go Away 3:10 Strawberry Switchblade
Boom Boom Clap Ft. SMB Official 4:46 Travis Porter
HI HATER 3:24 Travis Porter
My Partna Dem (feat. Young Dro) 3:56 The Rich Kidz
Been About Money 4:12 Birdman
Trance Doll 3:43 Pictureplane
Daw Glowwed 4:29 Pictureplane
Im A differenter 3:42 Travis Porter
Skullcrush 4:34 Salem Water
Money To Blow (Featuring Drake & Lil Wayne) 4:19 Birdman
Boys in Blush 3:37 Pictureplane
Boléro 9:24 Tomita
Wear a Nothing Cloak 4:11 Pictureplane
Crystal Skull Caravan 4:49 Pictureplane
Dreamscene 5:00 Hideous Men

ps..a recommendation is putting it on shuffle

BRKST MNTN has a bunch of cool videos but I’m not too sure how get viemo videos to play on wordpress so here are the links….

Summer Jamm
Mot a Mot
Just Jamm It


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Skulls Without Borders 10″

For all your fuzzed out psych rock/folk needs….here is the new comp from Philly-based label Siltbreeze. It’s short but extremely sweet. Looks like it’s all sold out on the label’s website, so we figure why not help out those who missed out. Tis the season…

Here’s what is says about the comp on the Siltbreeze website:
Super limited 10″ compilation highlighting some’ve the more potent Alkanes bonding the scene at the moment. On side Carbon, Chickins (2/3rds FNU Ronnies + bud) wriggle around like Geisterfaher corroding in cheese whiz, Dan Melchior fuzz- belts a wry ‘n savory take on ear benders & Puffy Areolas fuse Hawkwind & Tales Of Terror for a deathride down Hell’s highway. Side Hydrogen starts off w/Tommy Jay & Friends shakin smoke via some Harrisburg calypso, Sic Alps blindside a Kevin Ayers cover & Kurt Vile/Violators make like Neil Young/Crazy Horse off the beach & tucked into a cannabinoid submarine.

1. Chickins – Chickins Den
2. Dan Melchior – 1000 Times
3. Puffy Areolas – El Jita
4. Tommy Jay Band – Bug Men
5. Sic Alps – Clarence
6. Kurt Vile and the Violators – Denial

Link: Skulls Without Borders 10″

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fool’s paradise wk 28

The bad thing about doing pirate radio is working with janky equipment! When Eloi and I got to the station there was no monitors hooked up and the receiver was broken. So I had to ghetto rig the speakers to an old 1/4 inch headphone jack I found on the floor. Success! The only bad thing was that the monitors didn’t really translate to the feed that was getting sent to computer. To make a long story short the majority of the show was maxed out and distorted! BOOO! Anyways, we still played some good tunes and Andrew Wick and his friend Jessica stopped by to share travel stories and eat a sandwich. I’m not too sure if I’m going to do the show next week but I uploaded all the tracks we played, so you can have them for your enjoyment….


Tracklist (in no particular order):

POPO – Knife iz Yung
Spectrals – Keep Your Magic Out Of My House
The Dirty Projectors – Stillness Is The Move (The Killabits Remix)
The Chocolate Watchband – Let’s Talk About Girls
Bernard Fevre – Space Team (FILL MUSIC)
++++++++++++++++++++ – Kurt Russel’s Revenge
James Pants – A Chip In The Hand
Boom Bip – One Of Eleven
Joseph Spence – Jump in the Line
Toro Y Moi – Freak Love
DatA – Renaissance Theme (fill music)
Eats Tapes – 4 on the Floor 2012
Soul 223 – Q
Matias Aguayo – Argento
Subway – Persuasion
Nite Funk – Am I Gonna Make It
Crystal Castles – MAGIC SPELLS
Memoryhouse – To the Lighthouse
Augustus Pablo – Ape Man (FILL MUSIC)
Quincy Jones – Copy Cat (FILL MUSIC)
Carlo Rustichelli – Atelier (Titoli) (FILL MUSIC)
Comix – Top Model
Ice Cube – It Was A Good Day (Remix)
Bubonic Plague – Gray Wave City
Trus’me – Bail Me Out
Thee Oh Sees – Enemy Destruct
The Shangri-Las – He Cried
Video Liszt – Shutter’s Shudders
Was (Not Was) – Tell Me That I’m Dreaming (Traditional 12″ Remix)
Memory Tapes – Graphics
Beach House – Lover Of Mine
Gui Boratto – Notations (Gabe Remix)
Moon Birds – Supernova
Sparks – Roger
The Strange Boys – Heard You Wanna Beat Me Up
Bernard Fevre – Space Team (FILL MUSIC)
Bullion – Time For Us All To Love

On a side note here is Hugo Chavez breaking it down at the UN climate control summit in Copenhagen…

Caja Y Guacharacha / Quantic

Cumbia Cumbia Cumbia…yup, another round of “La Cumbia”….this time we travel to the Colombia/Panama regions of the past. This mix is pretty amazing plus it’s guaranteed to get the fiesta poppin (rooster dances and all). Careful….it’s infectious. Unfortunately there is NO TRACKLIST, but here’s what was written on the back of the CD:

All over the north of Colombia, from the banks of the river Magdalena to the Plaza Majagual of Sincelejo from the dust beaten tracks of San Jacinto and in the Santos Province of Panama, “La Cumbia” can be found. Its origins are often disputed but its melodies, bellowed from the depths of an accordion or sounding from the bell of a bombardino can rarely be ignored. The music of Panama and Colombia both share a wonderful lyrical quality of storytelling and vary rhythmically in a complexity only comparable with that of African polyrhythm.

Link: Caja Y Guacharacha Mix


Peter Greenaway

Excerpt from “Peter Greenaway: Interviews” by Vernon Gras

“The films of Peter Greenaway run unmistakably against the main current of present cinematic practice. They have done so from their very beginning. He is quite dismissive of the psychologically motivated plots that provide the standard fare of what he calls Hollywood cinema. Hollywood films tell stories: they translate literature with its linear narrative onto a medium that should be preeminently visual, claims Greenaway. Instead of foregrounding the image and the composition of visual elements such as we see in the long history of painting, Hollywood-style directors seem mesmerized by the “and then and then.” They are masters of building up suspense, subordinating the physical background, the site, and human forms to the need of finding out what happens next. Images function as ephemeral background to action. Visuals are subordinated to storyline. If you wish to find out what happens in a story, says Greenaway, read a book. In terms of using the potential cinema as an image based medium, he asserts most film directors seem maimed or semi-blind. They do very little with the potentialities of the visual medium and produce uninteresting, even boring films. Greenaway wishes above all to bring the aesthetics of painting to filmmaking and to diminish the influence of narrative. Cinema has its own vocabulary and syntax just as literature has its language. Why not display its idiosyncratic systems just as contemporary writers display those of literature?”

Recently, I haven’t been able to stop watching Peter Greenaway films. “A Zed & Two Noughts” and “The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover” will both probably be on my Top 10 list for years to come. Most all of his films are bizarre, hilarious, and mildly erotic, not to mention they are all a cinematographer’s wet dream. Greenaway still makes films, but he’s also a professor of film in Switzerland, a painter, and multimedia extraordinaire. And for the past 3 years he has been working on “Nine Classical Paintings Revisited“, which is a series of video installations that are projected over classical paintings involving state of the art interplay of images, lighting, music, voices and sounds. Who says getting old is whack.

And for some snippets of his films….



So we are waiting still for Zack from Breakfast Mountain to send us some words to accompany the mix that he sent us. If you don’t know of him, he’s a beat making superstar from Portland, Ore. He sent us two of his new tracks and one remix in the mix. So here is a preview of whats to come from mix….


here’s the link.