Week 24

Sugar Rocks was back this week for after a battle against the swine flu, she always adds a nice dynamic to the show. We had James Burke breaking it down with a monologue about artist. Last week was a good week for us, we have recently been getting stuff from labels as promotional material for the show, that’s a good sign.

As usual we were covering multiple genres and exotic locations. Making your ear drums smile, now make us smile by coming and hanging out with us, this Friday as we do the show. We can have some drinks, smoke, sandwiches, and a damn good time. So after you are done being a consumer come have lunch with us. I am in the process of making some better quality fliers for the show, so they will be around town soon. Ps Print has a sale on post cards.!! Stickers are also in the works but that will take a few pay checks to save up for.

P.S. does anyone know how to put up podcast to make them available to download on itunes? Get at me, if yo do!


Lock Groove (Out) (FILL MUSIC) – Liquid Liquid
Jukebox Babe – Alan Vega
Tell Me Why Your Light Shines – Lykes Of Us
Trocitos de Madera (El Remolon remix) – La Yegros
Jarabe Tapatío (FILL MUSIC) – Sinfonía De Las Aves Brasileñas
Hideous Men – Talons
Spacing Out – The Invaders
lindsay brohan – Javelin
Beach Cassette Jam – De Rol Le’
Sundog Sinners – Obsidian Pond
Antillas (Banana Clipz (Bersa Discos) Remix) – El Guincho
Ritmo Tres – Matias Aguayo
dreambathe – Dizzy Jaguars
01 – Phonic (Extended Version) – Cristal (Cerrone)
Good Luck (FILL MUSIC) – Washed Out
Velvet Painting of the Stars – Universal Studios Florida
Perfume For Winter – Fennesz
intervales theme (FILL MUSIC) – Javelin
Dumb Sick – Terror Bird
Nudes in the Forest – Dark Day
Mirror Friends – Lucky Dragons
stay cool 4:13
L’Uccello Magico (FILL MUSIC) – Nino Rota
James Burke & Eno – Where to Start
Yahyia Mu – The Uhuru Dance Band
Don Quichotte – Magazine 60
Visions Of Trees – Through The Trees (fill music)
Do Ya Wanna Funk (Radio Version) – Sylvester

Here’s the link to the facebook invite

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