Space Oddities: A Compilation of Rare European Library Grooves

So this album has been a favorite on Fool’s Paradise for quite some time now. And seeing how the Leonid Meteor Shower just treated the northern hemisphere to a “Cosmic Light Show”, we thought this would be the perfect time for some space disco instrumentals.

Here is more info on the comp. by Resident Advisor:
Assembled by French DJs and music-obsessives Alexis Le-Tan and Jess, Space Oddities, on Munich-based Permanent Vacation, may seem to cynics like yet another collection of crossover crate display, an attempt to capitalize on the increasingly popular unclassic classics brand of Balearic, cosmic disco, and quirky vintage electronics. And though these now-words may get skeptics’ eyes rolling, the wealth of zany leftfield television scores and lithe prime-era disco vamps here should overwhelm even the naysayers. The product of years of shop-digging, research, and label clearance, Space Oddities culls source music from movies, television shows, and commercials never previously available for commercial sale before, typically purchased on a subscription-only basis with obscure library music labels like Koka Media or Lido-Melodies.

Space boots on…

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