Andrew Cedermark / Family Portrait 7″


Our new friends over at Underwater Peoples sent us some tracks to give to you. I think you will really like them if you have been diggin’ on the rest of the Underwater Peoples catalog. The songs are off of this split 7″ and are exactly what you want to hear in the fall, it goes perfect with a cup of coffee and a cigarette. It makes you look forward to the winter time. Scarf time.

Here’s what they sent me>>///


The Facts:

Title: Andrew Cedermark / Family Portrait 7″ or The AC/FP Split

A1: Andrew Cedermark – Untruth
A2: Anderw Cedermark – Hard Livin’
B1: Family Portrait – Super Cool
B2: Family Portrait- Mega Secrets

Release Date: November 17th, 2009
Price: $7.00 (CD-R included)

Pre-Orders Now Available at
Artwork by Lawrence Burns

Bonus Material: Hard Livin’ Music Video in the Mega Upload…


The Fiction:

Ever since the dawn of Stereoscopy, 3D imagery has enjoyed a sort of never attainable, eternal allure. Each generation stands on its tippy toes and proclaims themselves a pioneer, yet the age old illusion never expands past parlor trick status. With each attempt however, we come out in droves to inspect what could be, the future. Your grandfather took your grandmother on a date to see Bwana Devil in 3D. The thrill of projectiles mighta got’m laid that night… Mighta been with someone other than your grandmother… Coulda been your great aunt, you don’t know.

The point I’m trying to make is, their are some things in this World that perpetually entertain.

Underwater Peoples Records is proud to peddle one of this World’s constantly enjoyable phenomena.. oOoh you thought I was gonna say weed. you clever! But no, not anymore… I mean Rock n’ Roll!!!

Today, We’re announcing the release of a split record from Andrew Cedermark (Born in beautiful Glen Rock, NJ/Formerly of Titus Andronicus) and Family Portrait (Evan Jay Brody’s sexually inspired ode to Elvis Presley). Despite all the tracks being painstakingly recorded, we might as well have just taped one of our house parties. Nine times out of ten, this split was the bill.

Andrew’s sets always demanded your utmost attention, for his demeanor tended to be quite distant and estranged. As drunkards milled by, they often caught a lyric or a tone and organically shuffled themselves to desirable positions around the room. His songs certainly haunted their listeners, giving an otherwise frivolous party, inherent meaning. Once Andrew bore into our minds, Brody made it his business to melt faces. Family Portrait sets thrashed through melodies and high leg kicked through bass lines. The band would play until they exhausted their catalog, fueled by plastered smiles, drunk yelps, twirling girls and spliffs. Despite being two very different stage acts, both bands emit towers of sound and giant walls of melodic noise, making this record a diverse yet cohesive thrill ride.



Also,,, here is the video they sent us>>

One thought on “Andrew Cedermark / Family Portrait 7″

  1. whiite says:

    This was brilliant.

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