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The Mechanical Bride (Stripped Bare by her Bachelors)

Excerpt from “Far From Equilibrium” by Sanford Kwinter:

It is arguable that no fantasy marked twentieth century aesthetics – or cultural Modernism itself – more powerfully than that of the Bachelor Machine. Although the term was coined by Marcel Duchamp to describe the web of forces brought together to animate his seminal “Large Glass,” the phenomenon of automated desire – the desire, that is, whose origin is to be found in the social field rather than in the individual person – began to emerge in the late 19th century and has mushroomed ever since. The idea that the technical realm of (social, political) desire was taken up from the the beginning by Diller Scofidio + Renfro in a sustained set of enactments and developments of the ideas of Duchamp that were manifested in performances, installations, videos, objects, and texts. The logic that determines our routines of inhabiting the world were seen to exist at the level of buildings only in the most secondary of ways, and so for long their practice explicitly eschewed “Architecture” in every classical sense of the word. In time, their researches transformed architectural thought by providing a more sophisticated understanding of the how the design of the environment in general determines who and what we are. Primary among their interests, as for Duchamp and McLuhan before them, is the role of the eye as the shaper o space and of social and psychic organization. With the historical rise of the cinema and its constitutive role in training modern perception and assigning a new interrelationship of the other senses, the meaning and uses of “space” were transformed in turn.
Diller Scofidio + Renfro, perhaps more than any other practice, have shown the primordial importance of the concept of the “program” as the determining factor in the lived ennvironment. Adopting what one could call the “paranoid-optical” model of modern civilization. Diller Scofidio + Renfro relentlessly invent – or extract – vision machines within and out of every culutral nexus or material locale: every room, building, city, or site is revealed as a machine that distributes electromechanical stripteases in which humans are the invariable prey caught in an ecstasy of self-watching (television unsurprisingly serves as their princeiple rhetorical “device”).
The Blur Building depicted below is naturally no building at all, but a desiring device of architectural scale and scope. The mist produced by the 31,000 nozzles that artificially atomize the natural lake beneath it generates a veritable Ganzfeld in which the body, for lack of a perceivable fixed point in the sensible environment, is unable to orient itself in space (or time). The vertigo and disorientation that ensues is intended to o beyond mere physiological effects, leaving he spectator-inhabitants trapped in a state, not of blindness, but of total self-perception, seeing sight itself unencumbered by any object. The total immanence of the experience becomes on the one hand a type of routinized Enlightenment (the oneness of the perceiving self and the world perceived), and a wicked revealing of he invisible “apparatus” from which we can already no longer escape.

week 25

Yes sir… week 25, 6 months of sonic goodness for your ears! We hope that everyone had a good Thanks-TAKING, enjoying time with family and friends you only get to see on manufactured holidays. Anyways, we had a few guest stop by to celebrate Black Friday with us…

Theresa was gracious enough to bring music and some much appreciated beer. Theresa is the host of a wonderful Open Mic night held at Woody’s Cafe and not to mention an editor for Mog. Be sure to come out on December 17th at 6:30pm. Woody’s is located at 1841 Park Blvd in Oakland, across the street from the old Parkway Theater. So come out and support the talent in the neighborhood. Her friend Michael came along and shared a story about Hollywood nights on Ambien. Later, Fatees rolled thu all bandaged up with a drunken tale, that included Jess ONE, not surprisingly. Sugar Rocks couldn’t find a sitter, so she couldn’t make it this week, hopefully next week. Oh yeah, Eloi’s computer broke down so he brought some vinyl to spin for y’all. As always we brought some good tunes and too much pot. Enjoy.

Showroom Dummies – Kraftwerk
Cop Magnet – Mas Funk
Classique #2 – Hercules & the Love Affair
Baby Can’t Stop – Lindstrøm & Christabelle
Delirious – Prince
Lock Groove (Out) (FILL MUSIC) – Liquid Liquid
mossy woodland – Javelin
The Midnight Hour – Kings Court
Stictly Confedential – Roxy )Music
Espaco (With Space) -Jerry Rayson
Jarabe Tapatío (FILL MUSIC) – De Las Aves Brasileñas
Slap On – The Emperor Machine
Chemise – Sorcerer
Holly Dolly – Kano (ouch, sorry this vinyl supadupa skipped)
Rollerskate – Matias Aguayo
Seven Days Too Long – Midnight Runners
Blessa – Toro Y Moi
Running In The City – Space
Prelude – The Millenium
To Claudia On Thursday – The Millenium
intervales theme (FILL MUSIC) – Javelin
Fire In Cairo – The Cure
Hamburger Hill – Airport Angst
When I’m With You – Best Coast
Good Luck (FILL MUSIC) – Washed Out
I Get That Feeling – The Hearsemen
There Is A Mountain – Donovan
Blue Mamba – Sun City Girls
Wawa – Lizzy Mercier Descloux
Lady Scarface – Lydia Lunch
L’Uccello Magico (FILL MUSIC) – Nino Rota
Designed to Kill – The Contortions
King’s Lead Hat – Brian Eno
Digidesign – Joker
Which Song – Max Tundra
Il Pinguino (FILL MUSIC) {from Vamos a Matar, Companeros (Let’s Go & Kill, Comrades) – Ennio Morricone
What Would I Want? Sky – Animal Collective
Afrikaan Beat – Bert Kempert
I Go Die For You – Kyeremateng Atwede & the Kyeremateng Star
Sentimental Journey – Esquivel
Wandering Soul – Phil and the Osophers
Bob (FILL MUSIC) – Black Dice
My Step – Little Dragon
Cuttin’ Up – L.T.D.

Lindstrom & Christabelle

I stumbled upon this album today and am sharing a couple tracks. I am not up on Lindstrom like I’m supposed to be, but from the first couple of listens two songs stuck out, the first Never Say Never is extremely psychedelic, it’s after the rave coming down off a Hippy Flip music. The second, is Music in my Mind, this track is the opposite of Never say Never. It’s a cool disco-ish song with great synth tones and atmospheric vocals.


pre order the album here

Kaos & Sal Principato – Danse, Gravite Zero

This here is one reason why spending hours going through used section at Amoeba in San Fran is worthwhile. One thing i love about this cd is that it introduced me to numerous amazing artists, especially since the playlist is pretty all over the place. It’s put together by Berlin’s DJ Kaos, and Sal Principato (from the band Liquid Liquid) and it pretty much kills on the synth disco tip while including greats from other genres as well. We were lucky enough to catch Kaos’ live DJ set last year when he came through with Tim Sweeney…and those two dudes had pretty fresh sets that had us wigglin. Check it out.


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Week 24

Sugar Rocks was back this week for after a battle against the swine flu, she always adds a nice dynamic to the show. We had James Burke breaking it down with a monologue about artist. Last week was a good week for us, we have recently been getting stuff from labels as promotional material for the show, that’s a good sign.

As usual we were covering multiple genres and exotic locations. Making your ear drums smile, now make us smile by coming and hanging out with us, this Friday as we do the show. We can have some drinks, smoke, sandwiches, and a damn good time. So after you are done being a consumer come have lunch with us. I am in the process of making some better quality fliers for the show, so they will be around town soon. Ps Print has a sale on post cards.!! Stickers are also in the works but that will take a few pay checks to save up for.

P.S. does anyone know how to put up podcast to make them available to download on itunes? Get at me, if yo do!

Lock Groove (Out) (FILL MUSIC) – Liquid Liquid
Jukebox Babe – Alan Vega
Tell Me Why Your Light Shines – Lykes Of Us
Trocitos de Madera (El Remolon remix) – La Yegros
Jarabe Tapatío (FILL MUSIC) – Sinfonía De Las Aves Brasileñas
Hideous Men – Talons
Spacing Out – The Invaders
lindsay brohan – Javelin
Beach Cassette Jam – De Rol Le’
Sundog Sinners – Obsidian Pond
Antillas (Banana Clipz (Bersa Discos) Remix) – El Guincho
Ritmo Tres – Matias Aguayo
dreambathe – Dizzy Jaguars
01 – Phonic (Extended Version) – Cristal (Cerrone)
Good Luck (FILL MUSIC) – Washed Out
Velvet Painting of the Stars – Universal Studios Florida
Perfume For Winter – Fennesz
intervales theme (FILL MUSIC) – Javelin
Dumb Sick – Terror Bird
Nudes in the Forest – Dark Day
Mirror Friends – Lucky Dragons
stay cool 4:13
L’Uccello Magico (FILL MUSIC) – Nino Rota
James Burke & Eno – Where to Start
Yahyia Mu – The Uhuru Dance Band
Don Quichotte – Magazine 60
Visions Of Trees – Through The Trees (fill music)
Do Ya Wanna Funk (Radio Version) – Sylvester

Here’s the link to the facebook invite

Alex Bleeker and The Freaks LP

Here is another track by one of the dudes from Real Estate, Alex Bleeker. The band consists of Alex Bleeker (Real Estate), Matt Mondanile (Real Estate, Ducktails), Martin Courtney IV (Real Estate) and Julian Lynch. Underwater Peoples sent us this with love. The track to preview is called Animal Tracks, it is what’s expected from a band that has 3 Real Estate members in it, Jersey boy’s I think, Alex’s vocals kinda remind me of Wayne Coyne and there’s a cool stoned guitar solo for the last 30 seconds or so.

“Animal Tracks” (Originally written by Mountain Man)

Here’s what they had to say…

Alex Bleeker & The Freaks have been friends since High School and as healthy, red blooded American men so often choose to do, they’ve channeled their romantic energies into an electrified musical powerhouse. It’s as classic and genuine as an adolescents Playboy collection or a fat, bald man in a Red Corvette. The Great American Rock Band captures our collective enthusiasm for life’s appropriate deviances. As wiling as we all are to allow ourselves to slip into this nostalgic mindset, it is the rare band that actually forces warmth over our chests and sheepish grins around our tongues. in one breath, chords that rain like clouds of arrows accompany beignet guitar solos. While in another, Loose snares and haunted vocals, drift forward through hazy fields. Alex Bleeker & The Freaks encompass a large swatch of genuine article Rock and Roll. The band is uniquely tailored to everyone.

Here’s who they borrowed the song from…

Magazine 60 – Don Quichotte 7″

This 7″ actually came from my dad’s record collection. It must have been from the coke’d out disco days. Over the years I have been borrowing his records little by little and eventually I plan to have his entire collection without him even realizing it (he doesn’t even own a turntable, so I figure I’m doing him a favor). Anyways, Magazine 60 was a French electo-synth pop band from the 80’s which was composed of Dominique Regiacorte, Jean-Luc Drion, and Veronique Oliver. Italo disco goodie. This track never gets old and it is too great to be missed.

Side A – Don Quichotte

Side B – Don Quichotte (Bonus Beats)

Animal Collective//Fall Be Kind ep

This post is to announce two things 1.) the obvious, is to let you hear the new AC ep. It’s aiiiiiiight. The best song is the one you already knew about featuring the first licensed Grateful Dead sample. I will probably need to listen to this album a few more times be for I can get into it. 2.) Is the great news that Sordo Music DB is back! That’s where I’m stealing the link from. So make that your next stop on the internet. It was down for a while, so enjoy that ish.

Fall of the Republic.

If you haven’t seen this, do it. Perhaps with a dose of medicinal marijuana. This is another movie by libertarian Alex Jones, it’s great high. It centers around all of your paranoia about the government. He’s a syndicated radio show host, conspiracy theorist, and self proclaimed “paleoconservative”. There is even a guest appearance by Jessie the Body Ventura. Yee! At a whopping 2hours 24mins 18seconds, I recommend watching it in segments.

Watch it because you hate the government.!

Space Oddities: A Compilation of Rare European Library Grooves

So this album has been a favorite on Fool’s Paradise for quite some time now. And seeing how the Leonid Meteor Shower just treated the northern hemisphere to a “Cosmic Light Show”, we thought this would be the perfect time for some space disco instrumentals.

Here is more info on the comp. by Resident Advisor:
Assembled by French DJs and music-obsessives Alexis Le-Tan and Jess, Space Oddities, on Munich-based Permanent Vacation, may seem to cynics like yet another collection of crossover crate display, an attempt to capitalize on the increasingly popular unclassic classics brand of Balearic, cosmic disco, and quirky vintage electronics. And though these now-words may get skeptics’ eyes rolling, the wealth of zany leftfield television scores and lithe prime-era disco vamps here should overwhelm even the naysayers. The product of years of shop-digging, research, and label clearance, Space Oddities culls source music from movies, television shows, and commercials never previously available for commercial sale before, typically purchased on a subscription-only basis with obscure library music labels like Koka Media or Lido-Melodies.

Space boots on…