Melvins ~ Bullhead 1991

Bullhead was the Melvins third release. At nearly ten minutes long, the first track represents a new structure for the band. With this song and the following they introduced sludge-rock. Countless musicians have been directly influenced by this short album. Most notably Japanese import Boris. A far cry from their previous efforts, they pursued a synthesis of heavy metal, quick shifts between tempo, primitive drumming, and a foreboding sense that remains throughout the album. Currently they are on Mike Pattons label Ipecac alongside fellow San Francisco veterans like Jello Biafra, and their music has absorbed more experimental elements over the years, yet here stands firm a true presentation of stoner-rock-beauty.

1. Boris

2. Anaconda

3. Ligature

4. It’s Shoved

5. Zodiac

6. If I Had An Exorcism

7. Your Blessened

8. Cow

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