Fool’s Paradise Wk 10


Hello Friends… In this weeks show we had a Special Guest Jonathan Bogus, Eloi had a doctors appointment. Jonathan filled the void fine, but we look forward to Eloi’s healthy return to the show. This was our 10th wk doing the show so we played some of our favorite songs from previous shows and a few new jems. It was a fun show so be sure to download…

Oh Mary Lou 2:23 Gutsies Gutsies
No Payoff 2:47 Gary War Horribles Parade
Desert Fun 3:04 The Mayfair Set Desert Fun/Already Warm
Dirty 3:00 Acid Eater Dirty EP
Running Out of Rope (fill music) 4:54 Silk Flowers Silk Flowers
Swagger (feat. Omnikrom) 3:46 The Genevan Heathen The Sensitive Touch
09 Teki Latex – Go Go Go (feat. Genevan Heathen) 4:26 gs
Hollywood Hills (Classic House Remix) 6:26 Teengirl Fantasy
movies (fill music) 2:03 NastyNasty heavy little things
Last One Awake (CFCF Version) 4:08 Memory Cassette
Collapsing At Your Doorstep 4:34 Air France No Way Down
Deadbeat Summer 4:03 Neon Indian Psychic Chasms
What Would I Want Sky 7:03 Animal Collective
SONG 1 by Luke A (fill music) 1:07 Candy Claws Glacier Prey
Rot With Me – Spectrals 1:50
Mickey Mouse 5:31 Wavves Demo
Simplex 5:27 Subway Subway II Electronic
Freaked Flight 1:51 High Places High Places Demo
Blue Skies (Yacht Remix) 5:35 Noah and the Whale
Vapor Trail (fill music) 2:19 Crystal Antlers
oakland pigs 2:18 travel+leisure
sourd 3:04 travel+leisure
harbor side 3:10 travel+leisure
Paying dues 2:14 Mike M
Megaton 3:55 Revolutionaries Reaction In Dub
Fireman is So Cold 4:15 Lil’ Wayne vs Richie Spice A-Trak
Rekuerdo De Un Amor 4:10 Kual Reevolución
05 Vale La Pena (Uproot Andy RMX) 3:09 Uproot Andy
Kaito 3:08 Tim Hecker Mirages Electronica
Osaka Loop Line 4:02 Discovery LP
Happy Eyez 3:24 CocoRosie Coconuts, Plenty of Junk Food
Basic Space 3:08 The xx XX
1 (fill music) 6:30 Buckets & Batteries Buckets & Batteries EP
Beyond the Skies 2:33 Candy Claws Glacier Prey
When They Fight, They Fight 3:20 Generationals

smoke a joint.

2 thoughts on “Fool’s Paradise Wk 10

  1. not Mozart says:

    Two Mozart quotes for you to ponder:

    1) “Music, even in situations of the greatest horror, should never be painful to the ear but should flatter and charm it, and thereby always remain music.”

    2) “I pay no attention whatever to anybody’s praise or blame. I simply follow my own feelings.”

    Well done –


  2. thizzfacedisco says:

    Thank you. yee!

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