Fool’s Paradise Radio…wk 8

This week Fools Paradise bring you an eclectic blend of fuzzy lofi pop, dance, shit gaze and a dose of At The Drive In. You’re in for a treat this week with this compilation of dopeness. You are able to hear us this time, so there was no need for overdubs. We had a good show this week. download it! Do it.

Walkabout (feat. Noah Lennox) 3:59 Atlas Sound
SONG 1 by Luke A 1:07 Candy Claws Glacier Prey
Angry Charlie 3:40 Generationals Con Law
Silver Trembling Hands (Album Version) 3:59 The Flaming Lips Embryonic
Amore Per Tuti (FILL MUSIC) 2:01 Nino Rota Juliet Of The Spirits
Mom, The Video Broke 3:53 Syclops DJ Kicks
The Model 3:38 Kraftwerk Hits – 1976-78 – From a Funky House Perspective
Clean Up 4:00 Gary War Horribles Parade
Mirando (Animal Collective remix) 9:57 Ratatat Mirando
What Did He Say 4:27 Nite Jewel Milky Disco 2 (Let’s Go Freak Out)
underground 3:11 ariel pink
Over There 3:08 Brilliant Colors Brilliant Colors EP Blues
Daily Vacation (fill music) 3:34 Ducktails Ducktails
Enfilade 5:02 At The Drive-In This Station Is Non-Operational
Rolodex Propaganda 2:56 At The Drive-In Relationship of Command
Proxima Centauri 2:46 At The Drive-In Vaya [EP] Alternative & Punk
One Armed Scissor 3:45 At The Drive-In This Station Is Non-Operational
Xam (fill music) 7:41 Subway Subway II
Taking Control (DW Remix) 4:00 RexnRoll Boxon Makes Me Happy
Melo Do Tabacco (XXXChange Remix With Ford Granada) 2:47 Bonde Do Role Fabriclive.33
Il Ne Dira Pas 4:00 Étienne Daho Des Jeunes Gens Mödernes
Talking Heads – Stop Making Sense 3:01 Devlin & Darko Fabric Dead 33.3
Il Pinguino (FILL MUSIC) {from Vamos a Matar, Companeros (Let’s Go & Kill, Comrades) 2:54 Ennio Morricone Morricone Kill: Spaghetti Western Magic from the Maestro
Really? 3:21 Netherfriends Calling You Out
Used To Be 3:50 Beach House Used To Be Folk
Rita Lee — Corista De Rock 3:38 Various Artists Brazil 70
Networking 2:09 Pens hey friend ! what you doing ?
Transistor (fill music) 2:14 Kraftwerk Radio-Activity
Burgers 3:55 Excepter Debt Dept.
Splitting 2:38 Blank Dogs Waiting
Floating in Space 2:27 Psychedelic Horseshit Shitgaze Anthems
Killing Time 3:19 Brian Glaze Green Living

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