Fools paradise wk7

So this is last week episode of Fools Paradise, I am currently uploading wk6 so they will both be up here. This episode is more like a mixtape than a radio show because for some reason the Mic didn’t record our voices. Weird.

Here’s the play list.

L’Uccello Magico (FILL MUSIC)
Nino Rota Casanova
Super Neu! Neu
Another Person 2:14 Jay Reatard Singles 06-07
Devo & Wine 1:51 Times New Viking Present The Paisley Reich
Ocd Go Go Girls 3:47 Lovvers Ocd Go Go Girls (Bitrate 192)
Reaction Dub (fill music) 3:25 Revolutionaries Reaction In Dub
Old Folks 2:47 Real Estate Real Estate 7″
Dark House 3:53 The Mayfair Set Young One
When I’m Gone 3:30 Vivian Girls Everything Goes Wrong
Sleepers 5:23 Norse Horse Secret Geographies
Il Pinguino (FILL MUSIC) {from Vamos a Matar, Companeros (Let’s Go & Kill, Comrades) 2:54
Ennio Morricone Morricone Kill: Spaghetti Western Magic from the Maestro
05 Vale La Pena (Uproot Andy RMX) 3:09 Uproot Andy
Si Me Quieres 3:09 Los Hijos Del Sol The Roots Of Chicha
La Mara Tomaza (Version Entera) 3:51 El Hijo de la Cumbia [2007] Freestyle de Ritmos
Ye Nan Lon An 3:03 Orchestre Super Jheevs Des Paillotes African Scream Contest: Raw & Psychedelic Afro Sounds From Benin & Togo
36 _02 deshominisation (i) (FILL MUS
Big Wave Rider 4:16 Rainbow Bridge True Panther 7″
Summer Demons 2:44 Kurt Vile Fall Demon Rock
Mega Secrets 3:54 Family Portrait Underwater Peoples Summertime Showcase
Shaking Hands 4:44 Women Women Indie
Lock Groove (Out) (FILL MUSIC) 4:04 Liquid Liquid Henrik Schwarz, Ame, Dixon – The Grandfather Paradox [BBE120CCD]
the lovecats 3:40 the cure japanese whispers
Self Service (Short Version) 4:12 Studio Yearbook 1 Electronic
lets go to bed 3:35 the cure japanese whispers
Hazel 6:13 Junior Boys Begone Dull Care
Amore Per Tuti (FILL MUSIC) 2:01 Nino Rota Juliet Of The Spirits Soundtrack
Terminally Chill 3:30 Neon Indian Neon Indian Psychic Chasms Rap & Hip-Hop

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