The Dirty Projectors- The Glad Fact

Dusted Reviews

Artist: Dirty Projectors

Album: The Glad Fact

Label: Western Vinyl

Review date: Dec. 15, 2003

The first two minutes of The Dirty Projectors’ The Glad Fact consists of weird keyboards and distorted drums, threatening to veer off into mundane, noisy IDM. Then, out of the harsh mechanical sound enters The Dirty Projectors’ secret weapon: Dave Longstreth’s voice. Longstreth (technically the only member of the Dirty Projectors) eschews the hushed, whispery singing that bands like the Folk Implosion have made synonymous with lo-fi folk experiments. Instead, he belts out his songs, soaring to a powerful falsetto and ornamenting his melodies with dips and slides like a jazz singer. His range and semi-operatic tendencies immediately recall Jeff Buckley, but he also incorporates the atonal screechings of hardcore and the suave inflections of Chet Baker. It’s jarring to hear such a strong and dramatic voice step out from behind the blanket of hiss, but this odd marriage of confident crooning and bedroom production is an alluring concoction.

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