Condi Gets Grilled

3 thoughts on “Condi Gets Grilled

  1. filip says:

    that ‘freshmen’ sign behind her is totally a rip-off of the ‘rugrats’ sign. hilarious.

  2. wix says:

    I dont see how she got grilled. she made that guy look dumb if you ask me…

  3. thizzfacedisco says:

    Did you not watch the whole clip? The whole part where she pretty much says that 9/11 attacks where more threatening than nazi Germany. Where she pretty much says 3000 American lives are worth more than 500,000 thousand European lives.

    And when she said under the president nothing they did would be outside of their legal obligations in regards to torture. That sound like something Nixon would say.

    “it’s not illegal if the president does it”

    go back to Vacaville Andrew.

    Just because she looks like she knows what she’s saying doesn’t mean anything, it’s the content.

    I know that finger she put up got you convinced and all.

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