Trop Banane! Introducing Omnikrom

Interview from Fairtilizer

What’s up? You’re currently working on the new album, how is it going?

Actually it’s going pretty well, almost all the tracks are done, we just finished the pre-production stage. Then we’re going in the studio with Robert Squire (ex-Sixtoo) and Hadji Bakara (Wolf Parade), both members of Megasoid. They’re gonna be something like co-executive producers, I mean, they’ll listen to the tracks then give ideas, try stuff, and together we’ll try to make them reach another level.

How different from the previous one will this album be?

It will be a bit more introspective than before. More of a vision of the past, the present, and the future facing us. The whole album is very movie-inspired, as the whole art, design, songs are all related in some ways to the best entertainement machine of the last century; the TV. And by TV I mean movies, cartoons and TV shows as well as Youtube and the whole internet. Internet to me is a TV that shows me what I want when I want it.

Who did the beats on it?

Mostly it’s our Dj, Figure8, but It’s a familly thing you know, people we feel good with. Ghislain Poirier, Pierre Crube from Numero#. There’s also Tepr who didn’t work on Trop Banane but did 2 bangers on the Fm2: 24 pouces glacés EP. We also have beats from upcomers on the Montreal electro scene like Dj Arcade and Le Matos. Those Matos guys are gonna make some noise in the next few years, and we’ll be there to say we told you so.

Is there a release date?

No exact date at the moment but it’s gonna drop sometime around mid-May.

How was 2008 for Omnikrom, what were the highlights?

Oh man, it was a great year for us! Even without any album droppin we we’re everywhere in Québec. We toured in every little town of the province, we even made Teki Latex come to Canada to do a 10 dates tours with us and it ended with a big show in Montreal that was sold out after 1 week. In fact we did another show 2 weeks later, this time with Cuizinier and it was sold out too. We did the Francofolies for the third time in Montreal and for the first time in France and Belgium. Went back to that Dour Festival in Belgium too, it was crazy.

What about your favorite artists in 2008?

Mmm, don’t know man, I have to say Kanye West for the album he just dropped, and I saw his “Glow in the Dark Tour”, I’m not a big fan of rap shows usually but it was really nice. Lil Wayne dropped a really nice album too. Really happy that my man Tekitek started his freestyle propaganda over the internet too.

What do you look forward to in 2009?

The release of our album for sure, I hope we’ll get a license deal in Europe, because it’s time our albums get distributed out there, not just in America. (there’s always Itunes if we fail). There’s our webshow too, starting January 27 at It’s called “Omnikrom Backstage” and it’s the whole last year in 10 episodes. The tours we did with Numero#, with Teki, when we we’re in Europe, etc. All the stupid stuff we did is there. Well, almost. All that and Lost season 5.

How is the scene in Montreal, what artists should we look for?

There’s a really good nightlife in Montreal, people like Peer Pressure, Neon, 33mag and so on are throwing insane parties and there’s some really good djs like Hatchmatik and the NRTOB. There’s also new waves of kids coming from every corner and starting to do their things, like the BSBTRGDCLUB and that’s really nice to see. Le Matos is probably the next band that you’ll hear about if it’s not already done.

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