High Places @ bottom of the hill

Here’s a little video of the show on Friday night. The quality is pretty bad and the audio is distorted, but it’s better than nothing. I was pretty trashed as well. The first two bands were awful. So bad, I don’t even want to look up their names. Actually, I won’t even write about them. Instead I will talk about how my drunk girlfriend met some guy, I’ll call him Gary, who let us go upstairs to the green room where High Places were hanging out.

It all started with Gary talking to my girlfriend about “his” cat, a little chat about ecstasy and little kids taking E, then eventually off to how he wants us to go meet the band. From the start I knew it was a terrible plan but being the nice guy that I am, I went with my girlfriend up stairs to the green room. I looked at the bands reaction to us when we walked in. They looked as if they just smelt a dead decaying rat that was just found under a pile of clothes. To my recollection the room was the size of a big walk-in closet, it had a couch and a pinball machine. Then Gary knocked over a beer and made a big mess without missing a step in his conversation, It was pretty awkward. At that point, Gary was talking about how Garfield was the greatest cartoon ever. The band looked pissed. That’s when I left the green room and went downstairs to be with my friends.

We waited around a while until High Places went on, they were pretty amazing. They put on an entertaining show. I would give them a B+ and the crowd a D.

They said that they recently switched coast and are now living in Los Angeles.



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