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Nikola Tesla

Tesla is often described as the most important scientist and inventor of the modern age, a man who “shed light over the face of Earth”. He is best known for many revolutionary contributions in the field of electricity and magnetism in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Tesla’s patents and theoretical work formed the basis of modern alternating current electric power (AC) systems, including the polyphase power distribution systems and the AC motor, with which he helped usher in the Second Industrial Revolution. Contemporary biographers of Tesla have regarded him as “The Father of Physics”, “The man who invented the twentieth century” and “the patron saint of modern electricity.



A City Reimagined

The Situationist City. Simon Sadler. Mit Press 1998.

Situationists wanted to convert the interest of play with new ideas at the level of the city. The movements initial concerns were with art, architecture, design, and urbanism.

A precursor of flash mobs, CCTV performances, interactions with GPS and networked performance the Situationists existed to politicize the urban domain.

Page 17:

Detournement can be translated as “diversion” incorporating “re routing, hijacking, and misappropriation”. Influenced by Isodore Ducasee; “Plagiarism is necessary. Progress implies it”.

The networked internet and virtual city space allows the movement of sources and codes that can be re mashed, played with to be “re-routed”.

By cutting up maps of the city Guy Debord and Asger Jorn where re coding city space, creating new patterns and urban forms. Or see Constant’s, “North New Babylon”, watercolour on collage. It is a single continuous organic structure spreading to the edges across the landscape. Unit blocks are repeating in an organic web like structure. The most famous of these images was “The Naked City”, criticises traditional mapping and at the same time investigates the relationship between various urban elements by re- assembling the map of Paris.

Page 69:

“Situationists promised that their architecture would one day revolutionise everyday life and release the ordinary citizen into a world of experiment, anarchy and play.” Simon Sadler.

The HP media platform for mobile computing the city based games using GPS tracking all continue this theme of playing in city space.

Page 87

Simon Sadler, draws a comparison between Jackson Pollock’s Autumn Rhythm (1950) an abstract expressionist painting, and the webs traced by both Paris metro and London railways maps. Debord insisted that interest was because of the content however the aesthetic comparison cannot be ignored.

the perfect human

The Perfect Human by Jørgen Leth.


Here’s some doodles and such from our friend Lou to you….

go there.


High Places @ bottom of the hill

Here’s a little video of the show on Friday night. The quality is pretty bad and the audio is distorted, but it’s better than nothing. I was pretty trashed as well. The first two bands were awful. So bad, I don’t even want to look up their names. Actually, I won’t even write about them. Instead I will talk about how my drunk girlfriend met some guy, I’ll call him Gary, who let us go upstairs to the green room where High Places were hanging out.

It all started with Gary talking to my girlfriend about “his” cat, a little chat about ecstasy and little kids taking E, then eventually off to how he wants us to go meet the band. From the start I knew it was a terrible plan but being the nice guy that I am, I went with my girlfriend up stairs to the green room. I looked at the bands reaction to us when we walked in. They looked as if they just smelt a dead decaying rat that was just found under a pile of clothes. To my recollection the room was the size of a big walk-in closet, it had a couch and a pinball machine. Then Gary knocked over a beer and made a big mess without missing a step in his conversation, It was pretty awkward. At that point, Gary was talking about how Garfield was the greatest cartoon ever. The band looked pissed. That’s when I left the green room and went downstairs to be with my friends.

We waited around a while until High Places went on, they were pretty amazing. They put on an entertaining show. I would give them a B+ and the crowd a D.

They said that they recently switched coast and are now living in Los Angeles.



Italian Futurists

The Futurist Manifesto
F. T. Marinetti, 1909

We have been up all night, my friends and I, beneath mosque lamps whose brass cupolas are bright as our souls, because like them they were illuminated by the internal glow of electric hearts. And trampling underfoot our native sloth on opulent Persian carpets, we have been discussing right up to the limits of logic and scrawling the paper with demented writing.
Our hearts were filled with an immense pride at feeling ourselves standing quite alone, like lighthouses or like the sentinels in an outpost, facing the army of enemy stars encamped in their celestial bivouacs. Alone with the engineers in the infernal stokeholes of great ships, alone with the black spirits which rage in the belly of rogue locomotives, alone with the drunkards beating their wings against the walls.

Then we were suddenly distracted by the rumbling of huge double decker trams that went leaping by, streaked with light like the villages celebrating their festivals, which the Po in flood suddenly knocks down and uproots, and, in the rapids and eddies of a deluge, drags down to the sea.

Then the silence increased. As we listened to the last faint prayer of the old canal and the crumbling of the bones of the moribund palaces with their green growth of beard, suddenly the hungry automobiles roared beneath our windows.

`Come, my friends!’ I said. `Let us go! At last Mythology and the mystic cult of the ideal have been left behind. We are going to be present at the birth of the centaur and we shall soon see the first angels fly! We must break down the gates of life to test the bolts and the padlocks! Let us go! Here is they very first sunrise on earth! Nothing equals the splendor of its red sword which strikes for the first time in our millennial darkness.’

We went up to the three snorting machines to caress their breasts. I lay along mine like a corpse on its bier, but I suddenly revived again beneath the steering wheel – a guillotine knife – which threatened my stomach. A great sweep of madness brought us sharply back to ourselves and drove us through the streets, steep and deep, like dried up torrents. Here and there unhappy lamps in the windows taught us to despise our mathematical eyes. `Smell,’ I exclaimed, `smell is good enough for wild beasts!’

And we hunted, like young lions, death with its black fur dappled with pale crosses, who ran before us in the vast violet sky, palpable and living.

And yet we had no ideal Mistress stretching her form up to the clouds, nor yet a cruel Queen to whom to offer our corpses twisted into the shape of Byzantine rings! No reason to die unless it is the desire to be rid of the too great weight of our courage!

We drove on, crushing beneath our burning wheels, like shirt-collars under the iron, the watch dogs on the steps of the houses.

Death, tamed, went in front of me at each corner offering me his hand nicely, and sometimes lay on the ground with a noise of creaking jaws giving me velvet glances from the bottom of puddles.

`Let us leave good sense behind like a hideous husk and let us hurl ourselves, like fruit spiced with pride, into the immense mouth and breast of the world! Let us feed the unknown, not from despair, but simply to enrich the unfathomable reservoirs of the Absurd!’

As soon as I had said these words, I turned sharply back on my tracks with the mad intoxication of puppies biting their tails, and suddenly there were two cyclists disapproving of me and tottering in front of me like two persuasive but contradictory reasons. Their stupid swaying got in my way. What a bore! Pouah! I stopped short, and in disgust hurled myself – vlan! – head over heels in a ditch.

Oh, maternal ditch, half full of muddy water! A factory gutter! I savored a mouthful of strengthening muck which recalled the black teat of my Sudanese nurse!

As I raised my body, mud-spattered and smelly, I felt the red hot poker of joy deliciously pierce my heart. A crowd of fishermen and gouty naturalists crowded terrified around this marvel. With patient and tentative care they raised high enormous grappling irons to fish up my car, like a vast shark that had run aground. It rose slowly leaving in the ditch, like scales, its heavy coachwork of good sense and its upholstery of comfort.

We thought it was dead, my good shark, but I woke it with a single caress of its powerful back, and it was revived running as fast as it could on its fins.

Then with my face covered in good factory mud, covered with metal scratches, useless sweat and celestial grime, amidst the complaint of staid fishermen and angry naturalists, we dictated our first will and testament to all the living men on earth.


a fist of list…

Josh Hernandez…

Albums of the year…

1. Hercules & the love affair

2. Women- Self Titled

3. diskJokke- Staying In


1. Synechdoche, Ny

2. Slumdog Millionare

3. My Winnipeg

Mike Melero….
Albums of the year..

1. Roots of Chichas

2. James Pants- Welcome

3. High Places- Self Titled

tim hecker

1. 100 Years Ago (3:28 )
2. Sea of Pulses (4:41)
3. The Inner Shore (4:17)
4. Pond Life (1:24)
5. Borderlands (4:46)
6. A Stop at the Chord Cascades (4:43)
7. Utropics (1:05)
8. Paragon Point (5:04)
9. Her Black Horizon (1:27)
10. Currents of Electrostasy (3:43)
11. Where Shadows Make Shadows (8:37)
12. 200 Years Ago (4:45)



new video
song by eloi

compiled by josh hern
edited by mike m


The Gift Of List

Top 5 albums of 2008
By !Jonathan Schroeder!

1. Fuck Buttons – Street Horrrsin

2. Alec Empire – The Golden Foretaste of Heaven

3. Kanye West – 808s and Heartbreak

4. Lil Wayne – Tha Carter 3

5. Yelle – Pop Up