Student Posing as a Bidder in Goverment Auction Jacks up Prices for Oil Companies….

In Utah, student, TIM DeCHRISTOPHER wanted to be apart of the protest of big oil companies that were trying to buy up land in Utah, to use for drilling. He entered a goverment auction and bid on over 22,000 acres of land and WON, with no intentions of paying for it.

That will save the land from drilling for a few more months. As of time of this article no charges have been pressed on Tim.

“Well, basically, the Bush administration was trying to rush through this auction as quickly as possible to get it done before Obama took office, because they knew that it wouldn’t be acceptable under any other administration other than Bush and Cheney. And so, they just circled vast swaths of southern Utah. Their initial announcement, they included pieces of property that had houses on them in Moab and included property that they didn’t even have rights to drill in or they didn’t have rights to sell off and included a lot of areas around national parks. And so, they rushed through the process and didn’t have time to do adequate environmental impact statements, didn’t have time to take an adequate amount of public comment or even input from other federal agencies. And there was a big battle with the National Park Service, because they were upset over a lot of areas that were included in there. But luckily, they also didn’t have time to make sure that all the bidders were bonded, which is how I got in so easily.”


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